Income & Expenditure

Overview of Income & Expenditure

All the above financial assistance is provided from the income of the Foundation on its investments in Government Securities. The Foundation has not accepted donations from outside so far. It may, however, be noted that the income of the Foundation fluctuates according to the return on Government Securities which has considerably reduced in recent years. This obviously impacts the volume of the Foundation’s activities. The Governing Board, however, follows a prudent investment strategy giving preference to security and low-risk investment over higher return with high-risk.

Summary of the income and expenditure of INFAQ Foundation from 1981 to 30th June 2021 is as follows:

Since 1981


Years of Philanthropy



Million Rupees

Rs. 9,695 Million since 1981

  • Rs. 6,788 Mn - Donations, scholarships and interest-free-loans.70%
  • Rs. 911 Mn - Administrative overheads9%
  • Rs. 1,996 Mn - Transferred to Capital/General Fund21%